Our mission is to create and sell a Software to offshore wind promotors by Machine Learning.

This software will predict the best location for floating offshore wind platforms and will also change the design of any particular platform depending on the metoceanic conditions.


LOOP Wind is developing an innovative proprietary solution that will boost development and competitiveness of the floating offshore energy market: the LOOP Wind (Location Optimization for Offshore Platforms). 

LOOP Wind is a software that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to process data from the customer and multiple sources (examples: oceanic, military, maritime traffic, energy grid, design parameters), in order to reduce overall costs by 5%, save time in data processing, speed up design and calculations, optimize windfarm location and decarbonisation, tower configuration and distribution, and minimize ocean impact.

User-friendly software that integrates and processes multiple source big data for efficient offshore wind project development.

The technology is based in machine learning where algorithms train a computer to learn and make predictive analysis.

The model obtained for energy prediction gives a very reliable prediction of the energy output for newly supplied weather data and detects patterns


This concept has been developed rapidly for the last two years with the increase of data and computer processing power. It can be applied to many industries worldwide. 

Based on several research on wind in 2014, we can expect at least an optimization of the output of 5 %. We can expect the neural networks to learn with the data and optimize the location of the multi turbines floating platform.